"Get on your bad motor scooter and ride ..."

Like I said, as soon as I get around to scanning all the pictures, we'll tell you all about Pahrump Nevada, Devil's Backbone, The Mormons (Don't ask 'em where can can get some Tequila), and Carson Pass. Until the, here's a taste ...vrooooooooooom!

4 states, 12 days, 2500 miles.
Mere words, especially here on this hi-tech highway, cannot begin to describe the best trip I have ever taken (to date). I never even thought I would ever do such a thing as long as I lived ... then I met Rene. Now I can't wait to go again. There's something about seeing the world from two wheels, in the open air. Especially when that world is full of free range cattle, twisty mountain passes, and bugs in your teeth. (How can you tell if a biker is happy? The number of bugs in his teeth ;-)

You call that a road!?!
Leave it to Rene to take us deep into the open prarie of Western Utah. But hey, it was on the map ... even if it was a dotted line. And, the hick we asked for directions said, "Oh yeah, we run sheep out there all the time." Which was better than the scared lookin' guy at the gas station who just said, "Uh... I don't dare say." We survived though. Even if we did have to just turn around after 30+ miles when all we saw was signs of a lightning storm rather than civilization. As emotionally trying as this side jaunt was, it was worth it to see wild antelope prancing across the prairie--they probably don't see many Yamahas in those parts--and to be chased by the big bad bull they named Mad Cow Disease after.

The Extraterrestrial Highway
That's really what they call it! It is home of the famous Area 51, and the not so famous Al-E-Inn. Get it? ALIEN! It's really nothing but a double-wide surrounded by radiated sand and isotope test equipment. Oh yeah, and a time capsule placed by the crew of "Independence Day. Just don't turn right at the mysterious black mailbox in the middle of nowhere. You'll eventually get turned back by some ver serious government guards.

No wonder they were scared
Who'd have ever thought this motley couple would end up getting engaged a couple days later. It's obvious why they don't rightly care for their kind in Utah. I guess that's why we were told, "You can't camp here, it's for R.V.s only" when we pulled into Bryce Canyon. But first came Death Valley. A word of advice, 1) the 4th of July is not the time to investigate Death Valley, and 2)no matter how hot it is, leave your leather jacket on when you ride through Death Valley, or you'll feel like broasted tofu in a convection oven. Thank God Furnace Creek wasn't too far from Stovepipe Wells. At 124 degrees in the shade, it's no wonder they name the towns that way ... if you can call them towns.

Another word of advice, no matter how hot you are, or how badly you want to jump in the only pool in Death Valley (even if it is overflowing with foriegn tourists), don't leave your key in your bike. It will die. And you too may die if you try to push start it, again, and again. Budweiser has never tasted so good! Thank you Fred Harvey. See our Wedding Page for another interesting story about Death Valley.

Take Extra Gas
You may need it. And if you do need it, you'll want it! Especially if your in the Tonopah Test Range on Highway 375. Trust me, there's nothing around for hundreds of miles. It is, however, very easy to run out of gas when you crest the desert, see a 50+ mile stretch of perfectly straight road, lay down on the throttle and lay on your gas tank.

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