Kristopher Krall

(AKA Spoonie)

"Can I Just Say One Thing..."

That's Spoonie's favorite line. Funny part is, he always has much more than just one thing to say. But we love him. We have to ... he set us up. Rene kept buggin' him to find out if there were any "cool guys" at work. She doubted it since she was NOT into computers. But he would say, "well there's this one guy ... he's got long hair, and he rides his bike to work." And that's all it took. Before long, he was telling me, "You gotta meet my roomate." Then one blustery summer night, I hooked up with Spoonie at the Gold Cane in the Haight. He get's this big grin on his face and says, "Come here, I want you to meet some of my friends." Well, unbeknownst to either of us, Spoonie had played Cupid. There was Rene with her big beautiful smile. And the rest is history. For details, check out our wedding pages.

The first thing people say about spoonie is usually ,"Spoonie?!?" What kind of name is "Spoonie" after all? Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with sexual positions or drugs. Legend has it, that long ago Kristopher was at a party singing along--attempting to rather--to a song by a rapper named Spoonie Gee. Those at the party decided to call Kris "Spoonie" since he beared no resemblance to the short, African American Rapper. And it stuck. Go figure. That kinda exemplifies the kind of crowd Spoonie hangs with.

Thank you Spoonie. I know deep down you just wanted to get Rene out of the house so you could have her room. And you may have had alterior motives at the time, but I think we both know that I ended up winning that bargain. The picture at top is from before Kris trimmed his hair--I must say, he cleans up pretty well. The one at left is from way back in his tech support days. Now he's on the QA team at Adobe.

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